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Anne's Homebirth

I met Anne and her family at our first Speed Date a Doula event. She was in her 3rd trimester with her second child and felt she needed to add on some extra support.

Anne had gone past her due date with her first and so we weren't surprised when it happened with this pregnancy as well. We were surprised though, when the homeopathic induction process she did with her first, did not work this time around. Myself, and her Midwife, Sherry arrived on Sunday morning to make a plan to help kick start labor, at 41 weeks and 5 days gestation.

After some direction Sherry left and we started doing ALL of the things, including a castor oil root beer float, with some peanut butter cup chasers.

Surprisingly, not a favorite 😉 My partner Lisa Falkner, known for her induction massages, also came over to provide some acupressure. We did some rebozo work, another float, and lots of moving. Anne owns Fit4Mom in West Hartford, and is in excellent shape. Her stamina was helpful in tackling this laborious process.

Anne, eventually got into a great pattern and we were all very excited. Then instincts kicked in, when her child needed her at bedtime, and her body stopped. (This is really normal! Our bodies are amazing, and our minds control more than we realize!)

We did some more rebozo work, had some dinner, and went for a walk. It was late in the evening and we had been at it for about 10 hours. I was prepping Anne for the "it's time to rest" conversation. Then everything changed.

While we were walking her contractions came back into an every 3 minute pattern. I encouraged Anne to keep walking, in order to make sure we didn't lose them this time.

Anne was calm, trusted her body, and was handling contractions like a rock star. Once she knew her child was sleeping, everything moved at a rapid pace.

Anne asked for help during every contraction, and eventually we all got into a rhythm, and provided the support she needed to manage each and every contraction. Her husband (AMAZING!), finished the setup of the birth tub and Anne got in for some relief. We all maintained the things that helped to ease her pain. She was strong, in complete control (not always easy when things are moving so quickly), and we followed her direction.

Again, not meeting expectations, Anne's pushing phase was very short! After a few complications, that were quickly managed by her experienced and talented Midwife, Anne had her baby in her arms.

The power and confidence in the space was palpable. She beamed and had a smile from ear to ear. Her husband stared into her eyes and eventually laid down next to his wife and child. I have never seen a spouse as proud as him.

This family allowing me to be part of this experience was something special. I will forever be thankful for the honor of witnessing this little miracle.

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