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Diane Homebirth

Diane 💜

She is not just a client, but a dear friend and doula, whom I share a magical connection with 💫

This birth was the kind of birth I wish everyone could have. We laughed and chatted, drank hot cider, and sang in warm, sun drenched space with a rooster crowing in the background. Her midwives kneeled on the floor, completing tasks, also enjoying the peacefulness this experience allowed.

Her husband, Quinn walked around with tears streaming down his face for hours feeling the weight of Diane’s strength and calmness in her energy, knowing this time exactly how it would feel to hold another baby in his arms soon.

Diane would eventually grab me and not let go. Something that was similar to her previous birth, but this time there was no fear, just a need for comfort and wordless communication. There would only be 40 minutes of intensity before hearing a noise that is so common when folks are birthing without intervention. An involuntary grunting followed by bearing down.

Within minutes we would all hear a big beautiful cry and Diane exclaiming what a great experience this was. All in 7 hours of labor, less than an hour of needed focus, and a few minutes of pushing. Absolutely dreamy.

I’m thankful once again to be present for this families big moments. Adore you all so much 💜

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