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Melissa & Desirae

We have no agenda when it comes to your birth. We bring two unique perspectives to pull from while utilizing the same style of humor, love and unwavering support.

The Doula Duo Package

You can have the benefit of hiring us both for your birth; A built in second opinion, the knowledge and background of two very seasoned doulas, who have attended close to a 1,000 births combined.


We have significant experience and specialize in IVF, VBAC, LGBTQIA+ families, loss/stillbirth, vaginal birth of twins, previous traumatic birth, high anxiety first time parents, high risk pregnancies and surrogate/intended family support.

The Duo Package includes the following:

  • 1 Virtual prenatal visit with Melissa and Desirae

  • 2 Ninety minute in-home prenatal visits (One with Melissa and One with Desirae)

  • 24/7  text communication during pregnancy 

  • Continuous in person labor support from Melissa or Desirae based on our on-call schedule.

  • 1 In person postpartum visit



$3,000 for Central and Western Connecticut

$3,500 for Fairfield and Westchester Counties 

$4,000 for NYC and Boston

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