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Virtual Doula Packages & Pricing

Please feel free to book a free consult to discuss

availability and packages at the link below


Dial a Doula
Pregnancy Text Support

Service Name

​This basic virtual support allows for you to reach out with questions and skip the anxiety inducing google searches all together. This is unlimited text and email support.

You can text, ask any question that may arise and receive back an evidence based, easy to understand response. Receive guidance on how to handle issues, help determining what warrants a call to your provider, you can also send pictures if you need help with the "what's this?!"


Average response time from 7am to 10pm est is less than 10min. Overnight is less than an hour. In the event of an emergency, phone calls overnight are welcome. 

These spots are limited! I can only serve so many along with my local in person clients.


Deluxe Dial a Doula Package
  • WEEKLY CHECK-IN: 30 minutes zoom calls once per week to get all your questions answered, guidance on tasks that should be completed, guidance on provider prenatal questions and techniques for coping with anxiety, etc. 

  • Unlimited phone, email, text support 

  • Preferred availability to add on virtual doula support during birth

  • Can be used during the TTC and fertility journeys as well

  • Average response time from 7am to 10pm est is less than 10minutes

  • Overnight response time is less than 1 hour, with phone calls welcome in time of stress/emergency

  • Package starts at $900, but includes an additional $150 per month fee after 6 months 


Online Meeting
Virtual Doula

  • 3 Virtual Prenatal Visits preparation of birth plan(s), discuss options, benefits, and risks

  • Unlimited phone, email, text support 

  • Spinning Babies techniques

  • Live Birth Basics Childbirth Education Class

  • Live Breastfeeding class taught by Melissa or CLC

  • Unlimited ON-CALL support for labor and birth

  • 2 Postpartum Visits​


Everything but the birth

Some families do not want a doula present during their birth, but are still looking for an expert in their corner while navigating planning, questions, challenges, and anxieties that may come up during their pregnancy. 



This service allows families access to my expertise 24/7 via text, phone or email, just as my full birth doula package does.

Things that are included that you may not have thought of:

Unbiased information for you to make an informed decision that's right for your family. Suggestions of non-confrontational wording when declining provider recs. The ability to help you decipher things that are happening to your body so that there's no waiting for your midwife/obgyn to contact you back (text me a photo!)


Expecting Couple

Virtual Doula Packages

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