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Morgan, her husband Trevor, and their two rambunctious and joyful boys, relocated to central CT just a few months ago. Their family sacrifices for us everyday, through Trevor's service as a United States Marine.

Morgan was planning to deliver at Vidone Birth Center in New Haven. However, they recently decided to purchase a home in the north west corner, which put them about 90 minutes from New Haven.

At 4:24 am, I woke up to a ringing phone and saw that Morgan was calling. When I said hello, it was Trevor (he had gotten leave earlier than expected and would be here for the birth!), he said "Welp, she's in labor and there's no way we are going to make it to Vidone."

We discussed options of where she could head that was closer. We discussed two options that had policies that fit her wishes, but they were both still 45 minutes away. Trevor said, "I know my wife. She's making those low "ooooh" sounds". We won't make it." We decided on the closest hospital to them, which was an hour and three minute drive for me. I put my pants on backward and inside out and sprinted out the door.

It's all backroad driving, and I wasn't following the speed limit (I wasn't driving recklessly). I saw flashing lights and upon telling officer Cooper where I was headed, he followed me the rest of the way there.

I ran in and her husband, who was in the waiting room with their boys, directed me inside. When I entered the room, I could tell that she was in transition. There was a nurse sitting across the room that looked so wildly thankful for my arrival and Morgan said, "oh thank god!".

When she had arrived 20 minutes earlier, she crawled into labor and delivery. They were "overwhelmed with deliveries" the nurse told me when I arrived. Morgan was #3. They offered her an epidural 4 times before checking her, and discovering that she was 7cm dilated.

Morgan was phenomenal and level headed during what is called a precipitous birth. The hormone release alone in that short time frame can be daunting on the psyche.

30 minutes after my arrival, she looked at me and said, "I have to push!". I told her no one was stopping her. She made a short grunting noise and baby when from -1 station to being able to see her dark head of hair. Morgan then said, "I don't remember how to push! Tell me how to push!" I gave her some brief instructions and she said "Oh yeah. Ok!"

At 6:04am, with Morgan's second push, Miss Madeleine entered this world in a rush. The nurse said, "What an impressive birth! You two were an amazing team!"

This picture says it all. That feeling of relief and joy is tangible.

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