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My Three Baby Registry Must Haves

One of the most common questions clients ask me is, "What do I register for?"

While I have a comprehensive list of things that I share with my clients, that includes things you may need, things that are nice to have, and things you don't need, I don't think babies need as much stuff as most people think they do.

After my baby shower, it looked as if a Babies R' Us truck pulled up in front of our home, opened up the door and threw 10 things from each aisle in, and quickly departed. Two years later, when having my next child, there were still items with shreds of wrapping paper still taped to them, that I had never opened, stuffed in the nursery closet (FYI - no baby ever slept in that nursery either)

So here are the three things I couldn't have survived with out

1) Fisher Price Rock N' Play

I distinctly remember the first time someone suggested this product to me and I scoffed at it. When I think about Fisher Price, I think mostly about big plastic child size lawn furniture. However, this thing was a life saver, and I have regrets that I didn't get one until my last child. It's light weight, folds up, can be easily moved, and contains magical sleeping dust applied by fairies.

For real though, I was able to move this in and out of the bathroom to take showers (that's right! 3 kids, one being a newborn, and this thing let me shower every day!) We also used this as a bassinet next to our bed, when our son wasn't demanding sleeping with us. We also took it with us when we traveled too, since it folds up pretty easily. Sold at most major retailers.

2) Fridababy Nosefrida SnotSucker

Sounds great already right? Those blue balls with the suctions spouts, that you stick up your kids nose, and then release, are full of old dried, and still possibly wet moldy snot from the last time you used it; and that's even if it got anything out.

However, the Nosefrida, not only lets you clean it properly, but it actually works too! I know when you realize you use your own mouth as the suction, you're going to try to bail on this product, but I promise you I never ever got any mucous in my mouth. Their system blocks that from happening.

The things you will find gratifying once you become a parent, become more and more bizarre and relieving your snotty baby of their congestion tops the list! This thing is sold at most major retailers, including pharmacies, in case you didn't register for it and have major regrets at 2am when the booger bulb isn't working.

3) A Baby Carrier

I also registered for the fanciest of jogging strollers on the market. My first biological child cried every single time he wasn't touching me and that stroller was too heavy and too big to pass through the aisles of clearance racks at target. (You should also never put an infant carseat on top of a shopping carriage. That's another blog post, but you can google it and see all the terrifying reasons why NOT to do that)

When I found "baby wearing" it was life changing. I realized that I could hold my baby, while still having two hands to play with my other child, cook, clean, breastfeed, make myself a caffeinated beverage, and keep strangers from caressing my brand new babe.

There are lots of options for baby carriers on the market. Everyone has their personal preference, but don't cheap out on this purchase, if you can. The "Bjorn", while popular, is one of the most uncomfortable carriers on the market, and don't usually work for long periods of wearing time. If you're local to where I am in Connecticut, there's a wonderful little shop Bean Tree Baby ( or you can access them on line at ) , who is owned by two wonderful babywearing mamas, who can he

lp you find the perfect carrier for you. They also host an amazing workshop, usually one per month, where they teach you the ins and outs of babywearing. Absolutely, worth it!

My two favorites for newbies are a ring sling and what's known as a buckle carrier. A Sakura Bloom Ring Sling and a Tula Free To Grow, are what I have pictured here and are both available at Bean Tree Baby in a variety of styles and prints.

I know all of the advice can be overwhelming and everyone you know has favorite products to suggest. As always, take what's for you, and leave behind what isn't!

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