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There are times when I sit down with a pregnant person for the very first time and I can feel it on them before they even share their story with me.

I always ask, "Why did you want a doula?", but with them I know the answer will be hard to hear and even harder for them to tell. Birth trauma discussions are never easy.

With this mother, I knew that I could change her scenario and help her heal. It's the part of this work, that I love the best. Even if the plan changes, even if they end up not getting what they wanted, they will have an advocate. They won't get taken advantage of and we can talk through their choices. (As long as they've picked the right provider) This makes the experience much different than the time before.

Her first story isn't mine to tell, but this birth was different. It was what she wanted. She had a vaginal, med free birth. She held her son and nursed him for that entire golden hour and her husband, I believe, finally understood why she needed it to be different this time. He encouraged her, he watched her in awe, and he had tears rolling down his face, not just because of his son, but because of how proud he was of her.

I felt lucky to help her achieve what she set forth to do. As usual, it was an honor, that I will forever cherish

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