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Mentorship Program

Helping Fellow Doulas Figure It Out

If you're new here my name is Melissa Duenas-Witter and I have been a birth doula for 10 years.  I have made more than a living wage, while being a single mom to

2 young children, doing primarily birth work with a side of childbirth education.  

I have a proven track record of running a successful doula business and the experience of having supported over 500 births in that time. I think now is the time to help others through 

wisdom sharing and I have developed a unique and immersive mentor program that will help you to gain confidence and allow for you to be successful in this work. 


I've been confident in my approach even during times of shifts

and growth for years, but it took a long time to get here. I'm hoping I can help give new doulas a head start and maybe help doulas who have been at it for a bit feel a little less lost while we're at it! Join me for the next mentor session starting July 27th 2023. 

What to Expect

  • We will start with an assessment of knowledge and experience so that the mentor experience is specifically designed for you

  • One on one bi-weekly mentorship zoom calls

    • We will go over specific and unique needs to getting your business off the ground (or relaunched) and beginning to support families

    • Insight for growing client base 

    • Creating client resources and tangible worth

    • Making wise partnership connections 

    • Setting fees and understanding your worth 

    • Interview prep 

    • Managing high need clients and setting boundaries 

    • Being confident and coping with imposter syndrome 

    • Finding your niche and differentiating from other birth workers 

  • "The Afterbirth"

    • Monthly group calls to birth share and debrief everyone's experiences

  • Private group access

    •  Answer questions, share resources, help each other with creative solutions, find support and learn from each other

  • Phone call and text support while at births 

    • Even as an experienced doula, I keep a life line for myself.  I want you to be able to reach out for tips and tricks and a calming support when needed. The "What have I missed texts?!" can help build confidence.

  • Weekly group mini-workshops (Set topics below!)

    • The most common requests for help I've received over the years, presented in a more structured way. Workshops will be live, but also recorded for later playback

Meet The Team

The Details

  • 4 month Mentorship Program 

  • $400 per month ($1500 if paid in full upfront)

  • Ability to extend for 1 to 1 at a discounted monthly rate 

  • Lifetime access to private group and community 

  • Rotating class schedules in hopes to create accessibility 

If interested please send me an email at It's important to make sure we are a good fit before starting this program. If I'm not the right mentor for you, I may know someone who is! 

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