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Elissa - VBAC

When I met Elissa she was telling me that she was hopeful for a VBA2C.

There was a disconnect that I couldn’t quite put my finger on, but it eventually showed itself: OUTSIDE VOICES. She knew what she wanted and I encouraged regularly that she was absolutely capable and I slowly watched the shift. As she did all of the work, followed every direction, reached out in times of questioning, I could hear her confidence grow. Her voice became the loudest and she worked to quiet, muffle and eventually silence the outside voices.

She handled a longer labor beautifully, creating a cave for herself, resting and nourishing her body.

We arrived to the hospital at 6:30pm and found out she was 6cm dilated. She was worried we arrived too soon, but I helped her quiet that voice and she went back to focusing on her breath. She wouldn’t question herself again on this leg of the journey.

Less than 4 hours later her body would begin to move her baby earth side. She would actively push twice before a head emerged to the surprise of her husband. She looked at me and said, “I’m doing it!”

The next push she would bring her baby to her chest. A mother to many experienced her first immediate skin to skin and the doctor uttered, “It’s so sad you weren’t allowed to have this experience before. This shouldn’t have been your first VBAC.”

Birth experiences change peoples lives. It can effect us forever in many cases. I am honored that Elissa asked me to be part of this life changing experience for her. She’s easily one of the most powerful women I have met on this journey and I hope she carries that triumphant power with her forever.

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